Orange Coolant Recovery Tray #295032OR

Orange Coolant Recovery Tray #295032OR

"Tip& Run" The ultimate coolant recovery tray
Drop coolant in catchment Area, pull it out, pick it up and walk away.
Four robust swivel castors, remove coolent from holding tank by the fitted tap or bung.

The simplicity of this product is that after the coolant is drained into the catchment area of the tray, you simply tip it up and as you do the fluid runs into the rear of the the holding tank enabling you to walk away with it.

If you wish to hold the coolant for re-use you can simply stand it in the corner or hang it on the wall by means of the handle.

The tray has a drain valve at the bottom to drain the captive fluid from the holding tank, it also has four robust castors to enable it to be slid around under the car or the workshop floor.

The "Tip & Run" Coolant Recovery Tray has many financial and environmental benefits for the mechanic, panel beater and radiator specialist amongst other users.


Ground Clearance 30mm
Total Height 140mm
Internal catchment area top 900mm x 430mm
Internal catchment area base 910mm X 550mm
External Base 910mm X 500mm

Capacity 15 Litres

Weight 7.00 kg
Price: $302.50

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